The Collection

The Collection

Vanquish Volante

Soaring performance, meticulous craftsmanship and cosseting luxury are now combined with the pure hedonism of open-air motoring to create a dazzling and unique driving experience.

Vanquish Volante


Some cars like to shout for attention, but the Vanquish Volante has an effortless charisma. It is always center stage, but never overbearing, and exudes the unique Aston Martin elegance. The Volante has an understated, timeless, movie-star quality.


A culmination of 100 years of passion and accrued engineering skill has produced a car of rare harmony. While agility, response and balance are all key contributors, the Vanquish Volante also delivers indulging refinement and supple ride quality.


With a light but incredibly stiff aluminum structure and clothed in a suit of carbon-fiber, the Volante retains the precision of its exceptional coupe sibling, yet brings the driver closer to the elements and closer to its magnificent AM29 V12 engine.


Powered by the advanced AM29 V12 engine with acceleration of 3.8 seconds – 0–60mph (0–100 km/h in 4 seconds) - and peak power of 576 horsepower, the Volante shows no signs of compromise and the Power of Luxury truly comes to life.


The sumptuous, bespoke interior connects you so completely with the car, yet isolates from fatigue like only this Super GT knows how to do. Designed to pamper you, with unrivaled comfort and crafted from the finest natural materials, Vanquish Volante offers a uniquely opulent driving environment. The perfect place too, for the world to watch you glide effortlessly past.